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Welcome to the Café at CentralHotellet. Ever since our opening in November 2013, we have produced quality bread and cakes in our own bakery.

Please note that since 2016 our menu, selection and production have been changed a bit which means that our breakfast and tapas can be selected in a more varied way and also smaller helpings are available.

We now offer a new brand of coffee, from a supplier on Funen who has produced quality coffee since 1926. When we visited the roasting house in August, we selected the sorts that are today served in the Café.​ On the whole, all our home-made cakes and breads are 100% organic.

Welcome to the Café

Belinda & Børge​

Food at CentralHotellet From 7am (weekends from 8am)​

Breakfast at the Hotel Buffet DKK 95.00

Everything included, filter coffee and juice (until 10am only)

Morning Tap de luxe DKK 169.00

Bread, selected sausages and cheeses from the tapas board

Everything included, filter coffee, eggs, bacon and fresh squeezed orange juice

Morning Board DKK 75.00

2 kinds of cheese and 2 kinds of cold meat cuts, 1 bun, 1 slice of rye bread,

1 small glass of fresh squeezed orange juice and a cup of filter coffee with refill

Eggs and bacon wih bread DKK 39.00

Small yoghurt with curd and muesli DKK 19.00

Bun with butter, cheese or cold cut DKK 39.00

Morning Starter DKK 45.00

Filter coffee espresso & small fresh squeezed orange juice, Croissant Wilner

From 12 noon

Small hot Sandwich DKK 49.00

Serrano ham and brie

Bocadillo Sandwich DKK 79.00

Served with either Chorizo or Serrano ham & tapenade

Charcuterie Board DKK 65.00

3 selected sausages and ham, 3 slices of home-baked organic bread / bun

Cheese Board DKK 65.00

3 selected quality cheeses, 3 slices of home-baked organic bread / bun

Spanish Potato Tortilla DKK 65.00

Home-made hot tortilla with home-baked organic bread / bun

Home-made Tapenade DKK 19.00

Green pesto, Aioli, Mojo or seasonal compote

Tapas Board 2 persons DKK 295.00

Various sausages/hams and cheeses, cornichons, roasted salted nuts, semi-dried tomatoes etc. served with home-baked organic bread and a tapenade of your choice​

Additional Choices

Extra cheeses, 2 sorts DKK 15.00

Extra charcuterie, 2 sorts DKK 15.00

Bread basket DKK 35.00 Butter DKK 10.00

Hot Drinks

Filter Coffee with refill DKK 25.00

Pot of Coffee DKK 49.00

Piston Coffee, small DKK 35.00

Piston Coffee, big DKK 50.00

Café Americano DKK 25.00

Café Americano, double DKK 30.00

Espresso DKK 25.00

Café Cortado DKK 35.00

Café Con Leche DKK 30.00

Cappuccino DKK 38.00

Café Latte DKK 38.00

Chai Latte DKK 38.00

Victor's Ice Coffee DKK 38.00

Irish Coffee DKK 55.00

French Coffee DKK 55.00

Lumumba DKK 55.00

Hot Cocoa DKK 35.00

Hot Chocolate DKK 45.00

Tea Bag / Loose Tea (several varieties) DKK 25.00

Pot of Tea (with refill) DKK 49.00

Bread, Cakes & Pastry

The Small Sweet (3 Petits Fours cakes) DKK 45.00

The Small Sweet with filter coffee / tea DKK 65.00

Friday Pastry with coffee DKK 35.00

Danish Pastry DKK 23.00

Croissant DKK 23.00

Drinks & Beverages


Various sodas in bottle DKK 30.00

Elder Flower & Apple/Blackcurrant DKK 30.00

Juice Apple/Orange DKK 28.00

Fresh squeezed big Orange/Apple Juice DKK 38.00

Fresh squeezed small Orange/Apple Juice DKK 25.00

Pellegrino, sparkling or still, 0.75 ltr. DKK 60.00

Ice Water per person DKK 25.00


Draught Beer, Tuborg/Classic, small DKK 30.00

Draught Beer, Tuborg/Classic, big DKK 42.00

Carlsberg Bottle Beer DKK 30.00

Blue Nykøbing DKK 33.00

Ale No. 16, 0.5 litre DKK 50.00

Svaneke Gold 0.5 litre DKK 60.00

Staropramen Dark 33 cl DKK 40.00

Hoegaarden DKK 40.00

Non-Alcoholic Beer DKK 30.00

Leffe Blonde 33 cl DKK 40.00

Leffe Brune 33 cl DKK 40.00

Wines Bottle / Glass

House Wine, White/Red DKK 180.00 / DKK 48.00

Rosé Italy DKK 180.00 / DKK 48.00

Red Wines

Rosso Passo DKK 195.00

Domaine le Clos de Rhône, French DKK 230.00

Handcraft Petite Sirah, Calf. DKK 240.00

Sessantanni Primitivo, Italy DKK 440.00

White Wines

Woodhaven Chardonnay, Calf. DKK 200.00


Cava Brut, Spain DKK 205.00

Spirits and Liqueurs

Bitters, spirits etc. from DKK 30.00

Ron Diplimatico, Cognac Terre de Grande DKK 60.00

Drinks, Rum/Cola, Gin/Tonic etc. DKK 70.00

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